Remy Smith Ma

On early Sat morning I was drunk-est, en route home. I was in the deli on 14th and 9th ave tryin to buy a bottle of water. Blocking the cash register was a group of girls buying 6 phillies, and they were telling me about the birthday party they just came from. The Birthday girl had vomit stains on her dress. One of the girls yelled to the back of the deli "Yo, 'blonde bangs', hurry up". Then Remy Ma said, "This aint blonde, its growin out". Remy Ma had just finished using the ATM and walked towards me and said "Hello Sweetie". I told her I was a "fan", then to prove myself we did a "Conceited" duet. It was a little bit amazing. She was mad cool and has an ill scar above her lip.

As soon as I walked outta the deli I texted Ezra, The Super Remy fan. By some eerie chance he was literally 3 blocks away and met me within 5 minutes. When he finally came he had Missed Remy and her friend by maybe a minute and a half. It was 3:38 and we walked towards 8th ave looking for her, we knew she had to be close. When we had walked to 8th Ave we had just missed Remy Ma shoot her friend on 9th Ave... Weird right?

Maybe it was the ATM fee, or me "rapping" to her?

Remy was on the run all day on then turned herself in at the end of the day on Sat.

Of Course Ezra is devastated
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She seemed so pleasant, who woulda known she was gonna go shoot-a-bitch two seconds later.

Its actually kinda sad. Here's the victim, Makeda Barnes-Joseph's Myspace Profile

And this is a screen grab of her sisters “private” profile. She is PISSED and SAD-EST (as she should be-est)

In case you dont know what I am talking about: New York Times

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