Have you seen this subway poster before? I wonder who the "lucky kid" is walking around with "that guy from Law and order" eyes...Who wants "old-est" eyes anyway...oh wait, Blind people do.

I didnt even know an "eye transplant" was even possible.

They Cut the middle of your eyes in a star shape and plop it into another eyeball.

And if an eye transplant doesnt work you can always get your EYEBALLS TATTOOED!

Image your eyes living after you die

sign me up


Ezra said...

paul i cant stop being scared and laughing all mixed in one. luv u.

RUSSIAN Denis said...

I am a proud eye donor!
AND im gonna make sure that everyone whos talking shit about it here will NOT get any of my eyes when they go blind!

Anonymous said...

I just found out my best friend has Keratoconus in one eye. I pray that everyone who has this, or similar ailments, is able to recover or are able to manage their issues with success! Cheers